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My Photographic Development

Photo 5

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As I was traveling in Europe last summer I decided to take an online introductory class to Photography. I knew that it was going to be a very basic class compared with what I'd done in photography before, but you can never get too much practise in photography. I also thought it would be interesting to take an online class while I was traveling so that I could experiment a little with the traditional tourist photographing. The assignments in the class and the online critique we had every week made the class very interesting and I was able to further develope my skills.

Mini documentary—the night scene in Milan

This was my favourite assignment in this class. I had to take photographs for a documentary and got to choose the subject myself. I though it would be fun to take my camera with me when I went out dancing with my friends. Somehow I thought this would be an easy task, but due to the constantly moving subjects it was a real challenge.


Nick and his friend at Just Cavalli Café. I like their expressions here as they look exhausted, but at the same time there seem to be energy going on in the picture.






Alex dancing at Hollywood disco. There are a lot of things going on here, all showing energy. I like the mystique over the subjects.





Final Portfolio for Photo 5

We didn’t have to, but I choose to concentrate on one type of photography for the final portfolio. Night photography is really difficult and takes a lot of time, but when you get it right it’s all worth it! The following photos are 8 of my favourite night photographs I took during my trips last summer.


The Pantheon in Rome. I like the feeling of harmony in this picture. I didn't have a tripod when I took it, but I found some tools to keep the camera still.


Forum Romanum in Rome. I like the moon that shows above the dome.


Piazza Venezia in Rome. Here's some mix of ancient with the present as the cars drive pass "Il Vittoriano".


River Seine, Paris. I like how the tree frames the picture here.


Lago di Como, Italy. One of those night photos filled with light.


Lugano, Switzerland. The reflections on the water is a favourite for me in night photography.


Vänern, Sweden. The golden tone in this picture almost makes it feel like a dream.


Lake outside of Skara, Sweden. Again, the reflection on a lake. The picture brings out the beuaty of a Swedish summer night.

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