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My Photographic Development

Special Project in High School

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Last semester in a Swedish High School each student is required to do a special project connected to any of the of the subjects she has studied throughout High School. I choose to connect Swedish and photography when doing this project. I worked together with my Swedish teacher and we came up with the idea to collect different poems, interpreted in my way, and create photos matching these interpretations. I started out choosing about thirty poems to work with. After interpreting them I selected the fifteen for which the ideas for the photographical interpretation seemed to be easier to work with due to the limited material and photographical knowledge I had to work with. It was a fun project and it turned out good. Following are two of the about fifteen poem/photo matches I picked for my final album.


by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Över alla höjder
är ro.
Tyst sover fågeln
i sitt bo.
Knappt en vindfläkt silar
genom träden nu.
Vänta, snart vilar
också du.


 A poem about tranquillity, and about waiting for ones time to come. I took this photo to express the same feeling in picture as you get when reading the poem. The old hands resting on a quilt expresses tranquillity, and the light coming in from the right almost makes it seem as if something is about to take her away.


by Bo Bergman

Mot en okänd strand
flyger duvan vit.
När når budet land?
När når räddningen hit?

Själen kastas kring
på ett järngrått hav.
Ovan: ingenting.
Under: blott en grav.


This poem expresses a cry for help. The dog in the picture is looking out over the lake, as if he’s longing for his master. Maybe the place brings out memories from the past.

Photo 1