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My Photographic Development

Photo 68

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This class was a 1 unit portraiture workshop that took place in a studio Foothill College had rented for us over a weekend. The models we used were friends and family, and we all contributed with props to make the photographs more interesting. Since I really like taking portraits, this class was very interesting as I got to take photos of other people than my friends, and in a more professional environment. It felt a little bit strange to tell them what to do in the beginning but as the time passed and I got more and more practise, I also got more confidence to tell them where and how I wanted them positioned.


There's a mystic feeling in this picture when she hides her mouth like that. It also brings more attention to her eyes, and it makes you wonder who the person behind those eyes is.


The students liked photographing this couple because they look so good together. I like how this picture expresses their love for each other as their looking into the camera, it makes them seem very happy.


I like the composition in this picture and how it works with the black background. They way she's holding her arms frames her face.

Photo 5