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My Photographic Development

Photo 1

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Photo 1 came to be the class where I actually started to learn and to think photography. In this class I learnt about equipment basics, photo history, developing, camera settings, composition, and maybe most of all, looking at others photos for inspiration. Here, we had to buy our own equipment so it was up to each one of us how much practise we wanted. The assignments we got gave us opportunities to explore and compare what different circumstances do to the photos. By learning this I developed my skills to see what would work for a certain subject already before taking a photo. For the final portfolio we simple had to gather at least eitght of our best photographs, no matter if they were connected or not. The seven photos that follow were all part of that portfolio.


I'm lucky to have a lot of friends that like having their picture taken. This was one of my first experiences telling someone how to pose. However, in this case she had more experience in front of tha camera than I had behind it so she ended up posing a lot by her self.


My architectural photograph. I like the close up here because it makes you wonder what the subject is.

The following three photos are close ups of water fountains in our backyard. I like how the water drops ad energy to the photographs.





Another close up. I went for a walk and found this empty malboro packet on the ground. When I developed it I added contrast to make it look more "dead".


As I learned the different camera settings I found the double exposure function. I took two different photos on the same negative here. I took both using the self timing function and a tripod, with the difference being that I was only in the second picture. This way I look like a ghost accidentally appearing on the photo.

Photo 2