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My Photographic Development

My First Photo Class

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The very first photo class I took was during my last year of High School. This is where I learnt the very basics in taking photos as well as developing. All the material we needed was provided to us, but since photography is very expensive we were limited on the amount of material we could use. I think we were only allowed 3 rolls of films, and could therefore not take too many copies of each object. This made it hard to learn and compare what different settings and compositions do to the same subject in a photograph. The limitations in the darkroom was even greater as photo paper is expensive. Despite this I managed to get some practise on getting the right time setting, how to change the contrast, crop and frame a photo etc. The most important effect this class had on me was to introduce me to photography and give me a taste for more.


Fountain in Heron City, Stockholm. Water is another thing I like photographing because there's always energy going on. This photo might have been more interesting with more contrast to reduce the grey.


Footprints in snow. The photo makes me want to go after the person to see what happens next.


Broken bottleneck in snow. I like the photo and how it makes the bottleneck seem all lonely. If I would I'd re-frame the photo so that the bottleneck isn't in the middle.


Sergels Torg, Stockholm, early spring. The longer shutter speed makes the square seem more alive as there was not much people there at this time.


I wanted to experiment with the shutter speed and got a pretty good shot, making the swings seem a bit spooky.


One of my darkrrom experiments.  I thought it would be nice to crop and frame this picture with a heart. The edges are a little bit too sharp at some places but I still like how it frames the two hands. I also like the lighting as it comes from above, shadowing some parts of the photograph.

Special Project in High School